Archological Findings

Bowl & Spoon found on the site of Hyatt Centric

In an era of never-ending upgrades and improvements, there are some things that will never change.

During the excavation at our site four adjacent Hiberno-Norse properties with gardens and cobbled stones dating from the around the 11th century were discovered. Among the artefacts unearthed in this ancient Dublin neighbourhood were a 12th century wooden bowl and spoon.

While archaeological discoveries of items that are no longer used in modern times is always fascinating, it is the discovery of the most basic items like this bowl and spoon which can really bring history to life. Apart from a little wear and tear, the 900-year-old wooden bowl and spoon are virtually identical to the bowl and spoon you used for this morning’s cereal. 

Wooden eating utensils started being replaced with more durable metal variants around the 15th century.

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