Archological Findings

Horses Head found on the site of Hyatt Centric

Put coins in the walls, move in on a Friday and…bury a horse’s head? Here’s a new house superstition we bet you’ve never heard before.  

One of the most surprising finds in the area surrounding the 17th – 19th century ‘Dutch Billy’ house foundations was a horse’s head, the discovery of which became even more interesting when we learned one of the possible reasons for its existence.

According to Irish folklore of the time horse skulls were routinely buried in the floor when a building was under construction. They were thought to bring luck and prosperity to the householders and apparently improved the acoustics of the room as the hollow skull would echo when stepped or danced upon.

While it is not clear exactly why the horse’s head was though to bring good fortune, some historians suggest it was a symbolic lucky charm…much like a rabbit’s foot or horseshoe today.

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